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101 On Fiber Optic Cable Information

What is a fiber optic cable? What does it do? How come it became an important part of our lives? Fiber optic cables are a product of Optics, which is a science that studies the properties, behavior and interaction of light. There is a branch of it called Fiber Optics that specializes in this field of study, which is very popular in these days for the massive utilization of fiber optic cables.

Transmitters of fiber optic make possible converting analog or digital information into optical signals to great distances through glass-like fibers. Cable fiber network optic consists of two important elements: the optical receiver and the fiber optic cable. Other systems even count with an optical regenerator that enhances the demeaning of light signals.

Network cable fiber optic is based on the total internal refraction principle, which in simple terms is data transmission through the light. TV, radio and telephone systems that mainly utilize this technology.

Moreover, fiber optic cable installation is quite safe, so the risk of electrical shocks is null, since copper is not used anymore; on its place, glass threads joined into the cable are being used. However, copper wire networking is still used for household uses, especially due to the high costs of glass threads.

In addition to this, the light and thin fiber cables are more resistant to climate conditions and still keep signals free form interference. Apart from telecommunications, fiber optic is used for medical and industrial uses. In the first one, it is used for the manufacturing of medical devices; in the latter, it is used in traffic control systems and automated tollbooths, and on the Internet of course that enable us having a wide bandwidth and high data capacity and speed.

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