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Computer Cables

Computer cables can be data cables used to move data between various components such as keyboard, CPU, monitor, printer, scanner and other multimedia systems. These cables enable high-speed data transfers within the input and output components of the computer.

A computer uses different kinds of cable to operate. It needs an AC power cable, a high-speed serial bus connector, an USB cable, a digital video cable, and a modem connector cable. A new PC comes packed with all these cables. These cables are also sold as a single commodity and are readily available in the market.

All types of cables used in a computer have different purposes. The ac power cable is just an insulated conductor and gives power to the PC. The high-speed serial bus connector is a data cable used to transfer bits and bytes from the input devices to the output devices. USB cables are used to transfer data from other sources such as digital cameras, video recorders, mobile phones, mp3 devices etc. the digital video cable is used to transfer high resolution video contents from the computer to a TV. Modem connector cables are used to link the PC with Internet service providers for accessing the Web.

Earlier computer cables had far less speed and connectivity. With improvements in technology, the quality of cables has improved. Still all these cables occupy a lot of space and need to be replaced when needed. Accessories such as cables are expensive and should be maintained properly.

Computer cables are an important component of any desktop PC. The boom in Internet technology has increased the demand for PCs and in turn, the demand for cables. However, an increasing number of people today have started using laptops and mobile phones to access the Internet. These devices need fewer cables. The popularity of these devices is growing, as they are more handy and manageable.

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