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Content Type Driven Affiliate Marketing

Gone are the days of websites that could throw up any old content and start generating traffic. These days affiliate marketing is 99% content driven. Now when I say content, some of the types of content I am talking about and some of the things you want to think about creating are topical articles and emails for your product. Here are a few examples of how to produce content.

Writing Articles

Lets say your product is a Fiber Optic cleaver. You could put out articles about "How to maintain a glass shard free work zone" or "How to keep your cleaver in shape". These would all be topics that would interest people who interested in fiber optic cleavers.

Email Promoting

When you are capturing leads you will want to send the people on your list courses and promotions. For instance, you could create a course on "Keep Your Cleaver Working", would be something along those lines that would be very interesting to someone interested in fiber optics.

Creating special reports and promotions

An example of a special report would be something like "25 Ways To Better Burns". This is much larger than a tip and should contain solid useful information.

Bonus products offered as incentives

Let's say you have a package out there that you are trying to sell but maybe it's not selling it self every time so you package it with bonus. The initial product is very valuable in high demand but you want to stand out from your competitors and push your customer over the edge into buying additional products or services.

Advertising Copy

This is PPC ads (pay per click), ads, blog content or anything that would be trying to drive traffic to the website thru a simple ad.

Unless you live under a rock you know that video is extremely big on the Internet. If you look at YouTube and look at how much Google paid for YouTube then you can see that video is not going anywhere. If you can produce something viral in nature and people tell their friends about it can be the most powerful content you will ever produce.

As you look back thru this article I bet your saying to yourself, well sounds wonderful but I am not a writer, I don't' shoot video and I don't write ads. Well what's so great about affiliate marketing is you can go out and have stuff done for you if things seem over whelming. There are several Freelance services and Outsourcing websites out there but your budget must be able to support the additional help.

A way to keep cost down is to test and track where your traffic comes from. This can be accomplished thru a number of different scripts, tools, web stats programs like Stat Counter and Google Analytics.

Using tracking can tell you where your traffic is coming from, whether it's directly by email, article databases, ads being clicked on or from videos

Content is extremely important. Any one or more of the above can be your most effective methods. If you know and track these methods then you can determine whether you need to be spending your time writing articles (which you don't want to do) or making videos.

Target your traffic and keep these things in your mind and focus in on what's happening in your market and how you can add value to your product and get people interested in it.

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Source: www.articledashboard.com