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Diet Fiber Supplements: Can They Help Lose Weight

If you have been changing your nutrition habits and started consuming more dietary fiber foods and you found out after a time that your stomach problems have not improves much, then you may start thinking of taking a step forward an start adding diet fiber supplements, however, there are certain things you have to know about these complementary foods.

Supplements dietary fiber is not only food rich in fiber, but they are also powerful fat burners. Besides stimulating the movement of bowels and relief constipation problems, fiber supplements can work wonders with a balanced diet and a controlled exercise program.

Nevertheless, in the medical community there has been controversy about the use of dietary foods high in fiber as components of fat burning food. One study realized back in 1987 gave as results that dietary fiber supplements increased the loos of weight in moderate obese persons; but on the other hand, in a study previously realized in 1983 said that the consumption of bran and ispaghula, two of the major sources of fiber, had no weight loos effect on patients.

However we have to take these results with pincers, that is, considering in which conditions both studies were realized. For instance, in the study that had positive results patients received higher doses of fiber per intake. So, we can deduce that the answer “may” be, but not proven yet, that high doses of supplementary fiber foods can certainly make a person loose weight.

The daily amount of fiber we should eat ranges from 25 to 30 grams per day, but in reality, most people in this country consume an average of 15 to 18 grams; this means that we have to double our intake of fiber, whether from fiber food or supplements, then we will giving our system a high quality nutrition that will keep it healthy and in shape.

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