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Epoxy Adhesive-More than Glue

How Is Epoxy Adhesive Different From Other Types Of Glue?

In order to make epoxy work, you must combing resin and a hardening agent to make the bond as strong as necessary. Until recently most adhesives were not very good at bonding two different materials such as metal and wood or in bonding non-porous materials like glass. But, with the synthetic matter contained in epoxies, you can do both of these types of jobs with ease. Most of the time, when you are making an epoxy adhesive, you do not mix the two parts together until you are ready to use them. Many are also thermo-activated, which means they also need heat in order to form the bonds.

How Long Have Epoxies Been Around?

In 1936, both S. O. Greenlee in the United States and Dr. Pierre Castan of Switzerland demonstrated the first epoxy adhesive. Since then, there have been many advancements in the field of adhesives and you can find many types both for home use and industrial use. Some that you might be familiar with are Krazy Glue, Super Glue, and Gorilla Glue.

Uses For Epoxy Adhesive

Uses for this type of adhesive include: fixing things like broken glasses, or bonding fiber optic cables. Epoxies are not bulky, are lightweight conform easily to the surface of the materials they are bonding. Therefore, they are perfect for many uses in the home and also in the workplace, because they are made to last.

What Cautions And Dangers Should You Be Aware Of When You Use An Epoxy Adhesive?

Exercise great caution that you are using the right kind of adhesive for the job. The wrong kind of adhesive can actually cause permanent damage to whatever you are trying to repair. Also, you should make sure that you have the area where you are using the epoxy adhesive clean and free from debris so that it does not get into adhesive. Take care to not get any adhesive on your skin because it may bond instantly and it is difficult to remove without great effort. With an epoxy adhesive like Crazy Glue it bonds instantly when it hits the air. If you do get it on your skin, you can try fingernail polish to remove it.

When you are using a two part epoxy adhesive you should mix it on a surface that you will not be using again if possible. The packaging for the epoxy adhesive often can serve this purpose. Mix the two parts quickly and apply them as soon as possible. Follow all of the instructions very carefully to ensure the best results.

If you are using some types of epoxies they can produce enough heat to cause whatever you are trying to bond to crack or bend. This is why it is essential that you are very careful when you are choosing which epoxy adhesive to use. Even the simplest epoxy such as those you would use at home can cause damage and may ruin the surface for future bonding attempts.

Where Can You Buy It?

You can find several types of epoxy at a hardware store, a home improvement store, or even some types of craft and hobby store. But, if you are unsure what type of epoxy you need, you can find a wealth of information online about what epoxies work best with different materials. The packaging should also have information as well that will not only help you to choose the right adhesive, but also how to apply it. If you still have questions, contact the customer service representatives at the company where the epoxy is manufactured to find out any additional information you may need.

Written By Margarette Tustle. Learn more about adhesives from duoadhesive.com.

Source: www.articlecity.com