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Fiber Lasers

Lasers with a semiconductor gain medium and a fiber cavity are called fiber lasers. Fiber lasers use fiber optics to create and deliver laser beams. Fiber lasers are highly useful for cutting, etching, welding, hybrid welding etc. They use optical fibers and these optical fibers work like a resonator cavity in the fiber lasers. Fiber laser technology provides a number of benefits to the user. Fiber lasers are basically maintenance free because there is no need to change the diodes or flash lamps. The electrical efficiency will decrease the operating costs.

Fiber lasers have a solid and rough set up. Fiber lasers can also be used with small pump powers. The concept of fiber lasers is almost the same as gas lasers and laser diodes except in one case. That is, in the fiber lasers a part of the fiber itself works like a resonating cavity where the laser action takes place.

Fiber lasers use total internal reflection to get ahead of light via thousands of total internal reflections. The products offered by fiber lasers can be tuned over a wide range and can be broadband. Fiber lasers can fit into many configurations for optical connections like wavelength division multiplexed systems, equivalent optical data links for high speed computing and optical clock recovery circuits.

Fiber lasers are easy to function and there is no need to line up optics. Laser diodes in the fiber lasers make the pumping well-organized. Fiber lasers are highly reliable and have a high proportion of surface to volume. Fiber lasers have the capacity to withstand shock and vibrations to a great extent. Outstanding environmental consistency can be achieved by best thermal packaging. Fiber lasers are the basis of strong industrial and mobile femtosecond lasers. They create only a low level of heat; they can be made extremely solid and are perfect in other instruments and systems for combination. Fiber lasers have only low running cost. There is no need of water cooling for fiber lasers and the operations are maintenance free.

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