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Fiber Optic Cable- Are These Cables Really Better Than Copper Wires?

Recently technology has proved that fiber optic cables are quickly replacing copper cables. Why? Because fiber optic cables allow for a faster and clearer transmission of signals. It also reaches longer distances that can span up to miles, making connection more efficient. There are many kinds of fiber optic cables in the market – and not all of them are equal. Here’s a guide.

How it works

Fiber optics works by transmitting signals through light waves. It is made from either glass or plastic fiber where light passes through. At the end of every fiber optics cable is a transmitter. When information or signals pass through this transmitter, it is converted to a light-emitting diode (LED) that passes through the cable.

Fiber optics is usually used in telecommunication, but is also being used in networking, electricity, and transmitting television signals.

Fiber optics vs. copper wires

Copper wires are delicate and difficult to maintain. Meanwhile, fiber optic cables are durable and have stronger tension. Aside from that, fiber optics are also cheaper.

How to buy

There are two kinds of fiber optic cables: the single mode fiber optic cable and the multimode fiber optic cable. The single mode fiber optic cable contains single fiber strands transmitting one direction at a time. It is ideal for transmitting high bandwidths. Meanwhile, the multimode fiber optic cable is made of several fibers, ideal for transmitting signals at medium or short distances.

In choosing a fiber optic cable, it is important to look at two things: cable design and connector type. Buy a loose-tube type of cable for indoor use and tight-buffered cables for outdoor use. Single mode cables should use only FC connectors, while multimode cables should use the FDDI feed thru connectors.


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