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Fiber Optics and Pools

Fiber optic pool lights, designed from the leading-edge lighting technology made for the swimming-pool environment, are a form of underwater pool lighting and can make a great addition to any in ground pool. Basically, fiber optics are used as pool lights for in ground swimming pools, used as underwater lighting, and provide unique, colorful glows as well as a highly safe method for lighting up your pool.

Fiber optic pool lights are growing in popularity among pool owners first of all because of their high safety factor. These pool lights require no electricity, thereby eliminating the risk for shock, which is a major potential hazard when combining traditional pool lights and water. Instead, the power source and different components of fiber optic pool lights (the power-supplying unit) is completely isolated from the pool and all the water, which is not only safe but also convenient. This power-supplying unit is responsible for supplying the actual colors to the fiber optic pool lights.

One unique feature of using fiber optics for your pool is that you can embed these lights into your pool to change the colors of the poolís water and environment. You can also arrange fiber optic pool lights in such a way as to create a variety of interesting colors, shapes, arrays, and effects around the pool area, which can be used to add a dazzling extra touch to your pool environment, illuminate the area at night for a captivating, mood-enhancing nighttime swim experience, and also help alert swimmers and pool loungers of the poolís boundaries, the deck, etc. Some fiber-optic generators actually allow you to create multi-color lighting displays for even more options.

Fiber optic lighting can also be used in your hot tub, Jacuzzi, spa, and artificial waterfall in addition to your in ground pool. Some of your different options for fiber optic pool lighting include Fiberstars Fiber Optic and Super Vision Fiber Optic lights, with lights ranging in diameter from approximately six inches to 12 inches.

The latest and most advanced fiber-optic technology available for pool lighting provides more color, (including brighter colors and more color variety), more light, as well as a simpler, more convenient, and more professional installation. When choosing a fiber optic pool-lighting system for your pool, look for one that provides this up-to-date, high-quality technology that will offer you a better and more professional experience with fiber optics.

You may also wish to do some comparison shopping in order to find the best deals for fiber optic pool lights, but keep in mind that professional and high-quality fiber optic pool lighting is going to cost you, so make sure your thoroughly research your options. However, even with the costs involved, many pool owners find the purchase of fiber optic pool lights to be more than worth it because of the associated safety and convenience factors as well as the display lighting and color effects and features.

Search for fiber optic pool lights from local pool light and swimming equipment dealers as well as online pool light and equipment retailers, comparing the available selection, quality of the fiber optic pool-lighting system, as well as the price. For installation, you may wish to choose to hire a professional pool contractor, lighting specialist, or expert electrician to do the job for you because of the safety and accuracy factors.

A swimming pool is a big investment, and finding a swimming pool contractor can be scary. Make sure you donít get soaked by using an accredited contractor with a history of good work. A qualified pool builder will help you decide what size and shape of pool would be best for your property and wonít leave you feeling soaked before the party begins.

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