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Fiber Optics Price

Optics fiber cables do not stop amazing us for the many uses that are found for them everyday. They are the product of the wonderful blend of art and science. Made form an array of thin glass and plastic, a fiber optic cable has one side that is a light source and another one that is a camera lens.

When light gets into the light end of the cable it travels through the tube until the cladding or covering of the fiberís core, where it is kept inside. No matter if the fiber cables are bent or twisted, the cladding can reflect the lighting images from inside the surface, from just a few inches of distance to over 100 miles.

Network fiber optics is mostly used for communication systems because of the capacity, speed and long distance with they can carry data with no interference and less cost than with copper wires. The single-mode fibers are the ones used of this type of networking because of the tiny fiber optics laser that end light directly into the cable connectors that make possible keeping the light signal unalterable. For these reason, fiber optic cables are used in worldwide networks, even under the ocean.

For communication systems, fiber optics enables the transmission of numeric codes at flash speeds. The messages encoded are images, numbers, texts, graphics and any other type of information. Though one single fiber optic travel thousands of data currents at once, that will be passed to interpreting devices that will turn the messages back to their original -analog or digital-form.

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