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High Fiber Cereal - Cereals a Source of High Fiber

Cereals are a great source of fibers and are used mainly as a breakfast meal. In the past most of the high fiber cereals were tasteless and people often described them as chopped cardboards. Recent studies have shown that using whole grain in high fiber cereals makes its taste pretty good and is very good for health.

Keeping in view the previously described studies many cereal producing companies started producing high fiber cereals. With this advent today we have a very good choice of selecting high fiber cereals which are full of taste and health. Although this choice is quiet confusing but you still can find what is best for you. So be sure when you buy the high fiber cereal that it does not taste bad as there are many types which are rich in fiber and taste good too.

Preparing a High Fiber Cereal:

If you cannot find a cereal that is high in fiber, the easiest one is to mix a number of cereals together; for example we can mix cereals frosted flakes and fruit loops with any of the whole grain cereal and can get a high fiber cereal. To make it even more delicious you can add nuts and dried fruits and thus make a healthy mix. There are many other ways to increase the amount of fiber in your diet especially your cereals. Dried fruits like raisins apricots prunes have a very high source of fiber mix them as well as some nuts will definitely increase the source of fiber in our cereal.

Type of High Fiber Cereals:

Mostly the cereals we see are of all bran type. Similarly cereals like Fiber One, All Bram, and 100% Bran contain the highest amount of fibers. Another type of cereals which include Grape Nuts, Raisin Nuts and Kashi do not have that much high fiber and nutrients but due to their great taste they are liked by many consumers. If you want to eat cereals which contain high fiber you first of all need to know how to check for nutritional values of the cereal and how much quantity of fiber does it contain?

To identify between different types of cereals the best way is by looking at their boxes which contain all the nutritional values and also the amount of fiber present in it. An important thing for a consumer to realize is that there are those cereals which look like full of fibers but actually are not. So be sure not to be deceived, hence investigate fully before you buy the high fiber cereals.

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Source: www.isnare.com