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Lasers and Fiber Optics

The use of lasers in fiber optics is an important milestone in the technical field. Because of their capability for higher modulation frequency, lasers were identified as an important means of carrying information. Laser diodes (LD) or light emitting diodes (LED) have the power to create tremendous amount of light that is very useful for fiber optics. In the earlier days there were only ruby lasers and helium-neon lasers. Then semiconductor lasers made their entry. Today fiber optics technology employs these semiconductor lasers. Lasers help fiber optic technology in data communications, sensing and other applications.

In fiber optic technology, transmitters comprise lasers and modulators. Lasers help to inject a signal into the fiber. Lasers create the light and the modulator changes the power of the laser light to combine the data to be transmitted. The modulator helps to pass or block the laser light. Lasers release only one unpolluted color light. The materials used in fiber optics will match the color of the light of the lasers. Lasers within an optical fiber are similar in concept to gas lasers and laser diodes, except that a part of the fiber itself is used as the resonating cavity where the laser action takes place. Lasers and fiber optics help communication networks such as cable television companies, telephone companies and Internet providers. They help to increase the speed of computing.

Lasers and fiber optics have become a vital part in telecommunication applications. At present high frequency laser signals take an extraordinary load of telephone conversations and carry information around the whole world. In big financial institutions communication is mostly effected through fiber optics. Lasers and fiber optics are useful in other fields also. Retail checkout counters and libraries are using scanners which are incorporated with lasers. Lasers are very useful for the medical profession in a variety of applications in surgery, diagnosis etc. They are useful for military and space applications also.

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