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Log Splitter - What Are Log Splitters?

A log splitter is used for splitting logs. These split logs are used in a variety of ways in the lumber and construction trades as well as by home owners. These logs are great for firewood. Do it yourselfers also use split logs for wood carving, craft projects, making log furniture and many other projects. There really is no end to the use of a wood splitter.

Lumbermen that need logs for their log working projects also use a log splitter. The wood splitter can be used for general construction needs and for making parquet and log flooring. The splitter is also highly essential for working in the forestry industry. Dead trees are cleaned out of state parks and split. These logs are then sold as firewood to campers in the state parks. It is a great way to clear out fallen trees and help the state parks make money.

Good log splitters are those that complete a job with little energy from a person. Sharp blades make sure there is a reliable split. Those same sharp blades can cause harm if proper care is not taken. Make sure you're wearing protective eye goggles, long pants, gloves and a long sleeved shirt. Make sure none of your clothing is loose. You don't want any clothing caught in the wood splitter. Keep all long hair pulled back. Steel tipped boots and a helmet are probably a good idea too.

There are many log splitters on the market today. There are vertical, electric and horizontal log splitters. The electric splitter is more efficient than a standard log splitter because it doesn't need an axe to split the logs.

A vertical log splitter holds the log to be split in a vertical, up and down, position. This type of wood splitter is recommended for working in sloped areas. This splitter gives more control on how the log is placed. Horizontal splitters are loaded horizontally.

A log splitter is a costly investment. Therefore, the expense may not be worth it to the average homeowner. In this case, a log splitter can often be rented from an equipment rental company. For those working with logs on a regular basis, however, a log splitter is a worthwhile investment.

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