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Office Furniture - Wood Veneer vs Plastic Laminate

Knowing the advantages of both wood veneer and plastic laminate, will guide you to the product more suitable as you contemplate your purchase of new Office Furniture. Most of the office furniture sold is made of solid and ground up wood called particle board or plywood. The solid wood is used to provide the structural integrity of the furniture. The particle board or plywood is used in constructing the tops and large panels. These tops are finished with a thin sheet of either wood veneer or plastic laminate. The wood veneer is edged with a sold wood edging trim, while the plastic laminate is either self edged or with a 3mm plastic edging.

Basically the major advantage of wood veneer is the image that it portrays. Wood veneer furniture is finer and more classy. It will add stature and prestige to your personality. While plastic laminate has many advantages. Plastic laminate can take abuse, it will not stain and scratch easily. The office furniture can also be ordered in very many colors. Another great advantage is that laminate furniture is very easy customizable, like special sizing, drawer and cabinet configuration and two tone coloring. Customizing laminate furniture will usually not increase the price. There is a major price difference between the two, wood veneer furniture being much more costly.

The country of origin where the furniture was produced, should not be a major concern, provided that the company that is importing the item is reputable. Most of the better firms, employ a quality control staff at the factory location, to ensure that it meets its standards. Since most of the furniture is being imported, it is less expensive to ship KD meaning un assembled. Some firms import the case goods KD, and some fully assembled. True that buying a desk or credenza KD will lower the price, however it is worth the extra cost to purchase these items already assembled at the factory, provided that the doorways and passage ways are wide enough for the assembled item to pass thou.

Comfort in furniture is a top priority and a must for every office. At Ace Office Furniture, our goal is to offer the best quality for the lowest price possible. Visit us at http://www.aceofficesystems.com to shop, find and buy high quality office furniture and enjoy our long lasting customer relationships.

Source: www.articletrader.com