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Personalized Golf Balls

Golf could be the only game where equipments aren’t shared comfortably. Though it could be seen as overzealous individualism, there are several reasons besides such. Golf equipment, that would include golf balls and golf clubs, are the mark of the character. It not only speaks of his success of the green or on the green, it also correlates his playing style and playing strengths. And it also speaks of his vanity.

For instance when Tiger Woods reinvented the game of golf in 1996, Woods was known to carry his old True Temper Dynamic Gold steel-shafted clubs as the main clubs and various smaller steel club heads that provide more accuracy than distance. In the golfing parlance, this is quite inferior equipment, especially on tee driving when other golf professionals predicted of inferior results. He resisted change of clubs. Yet, Tiger Woods’ biggest strength was his lengthy drive and those clubs only serve to give him more accuracy than power.

Personalized golf balls and golf clubs provide you more of what you lack than those taken directly out the rack. Like for instance, lighter graphite shafts affords players with lesser arm strength more power than the heavy steels shafts. But others also who played golf for just as an excuse to use their custom tailored golf equipment. And this people are willing to pay several hundreds of dollars just to have that cache of clubs the PGA Tour pros have. When Tiger Woods used Fujikura Pro 95 graphite model for the Disney Classic Tour Championship, before the event ended as Mike Beal of Fujikura noted a rush of request for similar graphite model coalesce.

Personalized golf balls than those off the rack can also give you a bit more distance and control, depending on which you need sometime in the game. Harder balls, those that have hard rubber core can convert power easily. Even if you have a weak drive, using a solid core plus a lengthier wood would add up to a sizeable distance indeed. That is if you know how to control a longer wood. For more control than power, use irons and a liquid core golf ball.

Golf balls have more in engineering in them than it merits its size, aside from cores. Modern balls have embedded technology that allows longer drives on lower or moderate swing speed. Latest high-lift dimple construction allows more air treading than ever before and softer core compression can have both soft feel and explosive impacts.

Did we just say that vanity? Yes, personalized golf balls can also be beneficial. It speaks of success and it earns you respect. Having a personalized golf ball and clubs is not only about show, it is also a perfect memorabilia for an important occasion, such as corporate parties or family celebrations.

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