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Should You Buy A Robotic Massage Chair?

The robotic massage chair is becoming more popular with each passing year. But they aren't cheap and many wonder about the justification of spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on one. What follows are some reasons why I believe buying a robotic massage chair could be the best decision you ever made.

You can buy a decent massage chair for as little as $300. However, when you buy at this price you should expect it to have certain limitations in its therapeutic benefits. What I mean is that you won't get a shiatsu massage chair at this price - I'll explain shiatsu in a moment. But you can buy a chair that will offer a vibration massage and will fully recline to put you into what's called an antigravity position. All this means is that when fully reclined your feet will be slightly higher than your heart. This position improves circulation and many find it a very relaxing position to be in. The HoMedics AntiGravity massage recliner is a stylish recliner and can really help to relieve stress and ease tiredness.

Shiatsu is an ancient holistic massage used in Japan. Shiatsu is derived from two words; "shi" and "atsu," meaning "finger pressure". It is applied using fingers, thumbs and palms in a continuous rhythmic motion. The pressure is applied to specific areas of the body. These pressure points are called Meridians and the applied pressure is believed to improve the flow of energy and thus reduce or eliminate many ailments.

The supporters of shiatsu believe it can alleviate or even get rid of certain conditions such as back pain, headaches, premenstrual syndrome, anxiety, constipation, digestions and much more.

Many of today's chairs now incorporate rollers and motors in the back to replicate shiatsu massage. As you might expect, the more you pay the better the shiatsu massage. You can spend as little as around $600 for a chair - the iJoy Massage Chair is a very popular series that are cheap and contemporarily styled. However, if you're serious about massage you should be thinking of spending upwards of $1,500 on a shiatsu robotic massage chair.

It's well known that the best shiatsu chairs are those designed by Japanese companies. Brands such as Sanyo, Fuji, Fujikura and Inada are synonymous with technical innovation. The Inada ROBOSTIC is possibly the most advanced massage chair ever made and retails for around $7,000.

Although the price of a good shiatsu robotic massage chair may seem expensive - the average price is around $3,500 - it should be remembered that visiting a professional therapeutic masseuse will cost around $100, so just 35 visits would cost the same as one the best massage chairs. And, you can use your chair as many times as you like during the day, everyday, at times that are convenient to you and in the comfort of your own home.

If you are unsure as to whether a robotic massage chair is right for you, I would strongly recommend that you actually try one out. Once, you've had a session on one, I guarantee you'll want to take it home with you.

Follow the links for a robotic massage chair like the iJoy massage chair as well as others like the Fujikura, OSIM, Inada and HoMedics massage chair.

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