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The Dangers Of A Low Fiber Foods Diet

Low fiber foods tend to dominate the supermarkets and restaurants of the world that we live in today. There are very few high fiber foods out there because food manufacturing companies do not believe that they sell very well. In fact, more and more people are turning to higher fiber foods to try and prevent disease and illness in later life. Consuming too many low fiber foods can actually help the onset of cardiovascular disease and cancer, amongst other things, and can actually make your health significantly worse over a period of time. It is therefore advisable that you stay away from low fiber foods and plump for high fiber foods instead. However, some diseases and illnesses require low fiber foods to make life a little more comfortable for sufferers.

Disease And Low Fiber Foods

As most people know, fiber is a substance that cannot be digested. It moves through the body in bulk to help aid digestion and is automatically passed as waste. However, fiber can cause problems for people with some types of digestive diseases. As fiber is passed through the system, it can remain in the intestines for quite some time before being passed out. Unfortunately, this can put pressure on the intestines, which would render some individuals incapacitated with pain. People with colitis or Crohn’s disease therefore need low fiber foods in order to function successfully.

If an individual has had an operation on a component of his or her digestive system then it would also be advisable to stick to low fiber foods for a while. If an individual has had a colostomy bag fitted for example, he or she is not going to want the hassle of trying to pass fiber. Low fiber foods are therefore perfect. Also, if an individual with cancer, for example, were already having problems with the digestive system then they would be best advised to stick to low fiber foods until the problem is sorted.

Low Fiber Foods Diets

It is usually easier to identify low fiber foods than high fiber foods but any individual with health problems should be able to identify the difference. Low fiber foods do not include grain breads, grain cereals, fruit and vegetables, amongst other things and these high fiber foods should be avoided as far as possible in order to ward off unnecessary discomfort and pain. However, if you boil or steam vegetables for a while and stew fruit then this would actually serve to break the fiber down thus making them more acceptable as a part of a low fiber foods diet.

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