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What Is Solid Wood And What Are Wood Solids With Veneers?

Solid wood is exactly what it sounds like. Itís a solid piece of wood or solid pieces of wood glued together such as the planks on a typical solid wood table top. Solid hardwood is porous. Due to relative humidity and seasonal changes, solid wood furniture will expand and contract. Donít believe me? Look at your solid wood table top that is at least 48Ē long. Measure the length across the planks every few months. You will be surprised how much the top moves. For that exact reason, the expansion of solid wood panels without any restriction has to be considered when constructing solid wood furniture.

Wood veneer is constructed by layering thin slices of wood at right angles to the adjacent layer. The result is a strong, thick board that is warp resistant unlike solid wood. Wood veneer is also used as a decorative touch to improve the look of furniture. That is how those intricate inlaid patterns are created. Wood veneer has been used in building furniture as far back as the ancient Egypt (5,000 years ago). Ever look at antique furniture that costs $10,000 - $50,000 or more a piece? How do you think those inlaid patterns or certain curved surfaces are created? They are created by using wood veneer. Thatís right. Even your 18th Century antique furniture has wood veneer in it.

The common misconception is that veneer means inexpensive furniture. That is simply not the case. Again, look at some of the most expensive furniture out there, antique furniture. Sometimes itís difficult to make large panels, curved shapes, and intricate designs with solid wood only. Sometimes solid wood with a combination of wood veneer has to be used. Solid hardwood is an exceptional choice for furniture frames but veneer can be a better choice for those inlaid patterns and certain types of curved surfaces. A piece of furniture that uses both, solid wood and wood veneer can be and is of great quality. So next time someone tells you that a piece of furniture is made with solid hardwood with veneers; youíll have a better understanding of what that exactly means.

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