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Carbon Fiber Parts

Carbon Fiber reinforced plastics are very strong and lightweight. It is also very expensive. It has found a wide array of use; most notably in the racing scene: be it motorcycles or cars. The reason for such popularity is the material's impressive strength to weight ratio. It would amaze most people how such a light weight object can be as strong and as sturdy as it is. Aside from all the strength and weight benefits offered by this material is also very stylish and can readily turn heads because of its aesthetic qualities.

One of the main reasons why the wide use of carbon products has been hindered over the years is because of its high cost. If the price was any less, we would be seeing more and more cars, aircrafts and motorcycles made out Carbon Fiber. The possibilities of carbon fiber use may be limitless but the budget isn't.

Motorcycles - The use of parts in the production of motorcycles is very low. Most often used in parts like in: Fairing Panels and Mudguards/ Huggers. Because of its strength, it may be used in making self supporting seat units and effectively removing the need for metal frames. Is also being used as motorcycle frames, but such use for it is extremely limited. May also be used to make carbon silencers with carbon sleeves, fiber wheels, instrument panels/ protectors, brackets, battery boxes, air boxes and air tubes - it has been seen yet in gloves as knuckle protectors.

Parts have become synonymous with motorcycle parts and racing, there have been a lot of fakes introduced to the market. These fake parts look great and almost similar to real ones. It is only upon closer inspection that flaws are seen. And, as these parts are fakes - it cannot be expected to have the same strength a real carbon fiber parts have.

If there is one issue concerning parts it is the environmental implications. The life span for Carbon Fiber reinforced plastics is almost infinite. The best way seen to recycle these hybrid plastic is through the process of milling, compounding and shredding and the reclaimed carbon fiber be used in another way.

Carbon Fiber Parts

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