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Unique Hairstyle Accessory - How To Add Fiber Optic Hair Lights To Your Updo!

You can totally standout from the crowd at your next nighttime social event by adding fiber optic hair lights to your hairstyle or updo. The dazzling lights sparkle like little stars in your hair, and are a great accessory for prom, parties, dances, holidays, nightclubs - any nighttime event!

How do they work? Glowbys fiber optic hair lights consist of a small barrette which houses two small watch batteries and a light source. The light source lights up a bundle of approximately 60 flexible fiber optics which extend out of the barrette. The light travels down each fiber and only becomes visible at the very end. So wherever the fiber is cut, that is where the star of light will appear. And this is what makes it possible to uniquely style Glowbys into any individual updo or hairstyle.

First attach the barrette clip to the hair. The plain Glowbys barrette can be hidden under a layer of hair so that only the lights are visible. Or the Crystal Glowbys barrette - covered with sparkling Swarovski crystals - can be worn on top of the hair like a normal barrette. The flexible fibers can then be treated just like strands of hair - loop, bend cut, etc - as you or your hair stylist style them into your updo. You can do almost anything with the fibers that you do with hair, with the exception of using a curling iron; high heat will melt the plastic fibers.

To maximize brightness, always cut the fibers at a 45 degree angle. If the fibers are cut flat, then much of the light will just go straight out the bottom. But cutting at a 45 degree angle will cause the light to bounce or reflect outwards, making the Glowbys 2-3 times brighter!

Glowbys come in 9 different light colors, so you can match them with your outfit, or with a particular holiday theme - green for St Patrick's Day, blue/red for 4th of July, etc. There's also a mutli-color Glowbys option which cycles through all the colors of the rainbow!

See pictures of Glowbys in various hairstyles or submit a question at www.luminence.com.

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