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Tips on Fiber Optic Christmas Trees

Many people are not aware of what a Fiber Optic Christmas tree is exactly, or what this type of tree can add to your holiday decorating theme this year for Christmas.

A Fiber Optic Christmas tree has strands of pure glass or see through plastic tube surrounded by a reflective coating. Light can go into one end of the strand and for long distances through each strand to the end where it shines into the room.

The result is a spectacular light show of any color imaginable that change on a color wheel. The use of fiber optics for Christmas trees is a great idea in its inventive applications using this form of light display for many reasons.

An artificial fiber-optic Christmas tree can change your household Christmas decorating theme into a fabulously attractive display of twinkling lights that changes the shade from one color into a more dazzling array of other colors. In addition you can add a Fiber - Optic Christmas tree you can decorate the front of your home's entrances with smaller LED Fiber-Optic Tree.

LED Christmas Trees or as they are also called fiber optic Christmas Trees come straight to your door ready to plug in and enjoy. You an also order this type of tree pre decorated or add your own assortment of decorations to complete the look your personalized Fiber Optic Christmas Tree.

You can add garlands of flowers, ribbons, shells or candy to the mix and have an adorable good looking Christmas Tree. Or you may chose to leave the Tree as is, and concentrate on decorating other parts of the living room or get another tree for another room as well.

Fiber Optic Christmas Trees do not give out heat, only light so they are a must for fire safety. The LED lights provide a 200,000 lifetime span of hours of pure enjoyment of your special Fiber Optic Christmas display. That works out to about 20 Christmas years of life out of your one purchase so it is more economical and energy efficient than other types of Christmas Trees.

You can cover your tree with cotton strands to simulate snow, or decorated with glass ornaments as there is no heat given off therefore no fear of fire hazards. Today with young and modern customers just any old tree will not do for a Christmas holiday. If you pick up any old tree at any old store you will be setting for less and you will get less for your money as they quality is just not present.

A smart and wise investment is a LED fiber Optic Christmas Tree because they are very energy efficient using ten times less in energy that the average Christmas bulbs. Fiber optic Christmas Trees last up to 20 years and therefore are more economical than other trees.

This type of tree is also very safe since they produce no heat there is no danger of catching fire like a real tree can as it dries out in your living room.

The Fiber Optic Christmas tree is virtually indestructible and the bulbs are not inter-dependant - if one bulb burns out it does not affect the whole tree. Fiber optic Christmas Trees come in 4, 5 feet tall for apartments, bedrooms spare rooms, or condo apartments. The larger Christmas Trees range from 5 feet or up to 10 feet tall in green, white or frosted colors.

The most magnificent White Fiber Optic Tree I have seen is a Pre-Lit Artificial Tree, with L.E.D. circuit technology and has over 9,900 optic light tips for a dazzling display. The Fiber optic Tree with the easy set up in minutes, can be the most beautiful acquisition for any style of home.

There are no motors of fans or color wheels needed with this Christmas Tree and no need of halogen bulbs that require a fan to cool them off. The tree has reinforced branches for extra strength if you wished to add decorations and more ornaments.

In summary the benefits of a Fiber Optic Christmas Tree are many and the savings on energy are enormous as well. If your in the market for a new tree this year you should look at this type of tree and it will be the most spectacular Christmas decoration of your home.

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