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5 Tips On Buying A Robotic Massage Chair

Deciding to buy a robotic massage chair could be the best decision you ever made, however, many make the mistake of buying a chair that isn't right for them. And, they aren't cheap, so it's also a costly mistake. Here are some tips to help make sure you buy the best shiatsu massage chair for you.

1. What features should you look for?

To get real therapeutic results you should look to buy a shiatsu massage chair. Shiatsu is a holistic Japanese form of massage that targets acupressure points and is known to help alleviate many types of ailments and disorders. Older style or cheap chairs only come with vibration on the back (and sometimes seat), but these aren't going to offer shiatsu. You should look for models that come with rollers that replicate the fingers, thumbs and palms of a therapeutic masseuse.

Shiatsu chairs can be very sophisticated and expensive. No matter what model you buy you should make sure the chair has the following massage modes.

Kneading; fingers roll from the center of the spine outward in a circular motion and feels like two hands alternately rubbing your back.

Rolling: involves pressing firmly on one side of your spine, then the other.

Percussion: fists or the edge of the hands rapidly tap on your back muscles.

Compression: heels of the hand firm pushing on muscles alongside your spine, and inward toward the spine itself.

The chair should also have full recline, a foot and calf massager. The OSIM iMedic massage chair is a very good model and comes with all these features and a whole lot more.

2. Durability and Warranty

Usually, the more you pay, the better the overall build quality. A good indication if the chair is going to give you years of service is to look at the warranty. A company that makes good chairs will stand by its chairs and offer generous warranties. Brands like OSIM, Inada and Human Touch offer very good warranties.

3. How easy is it to repair?

Don't forget to ask this question before you buy. Even the best robotic massage chairs will break down at some point. Find out about the sellers/retailers customer care service, transport costs, labor costs etc.

4. Only buy from a reputable or authorized retailer.

Your initial contact point if you have any problems will be the retailer and not the manufacturer. Don't be afraid to ask (or interrogate) the retailer about its after sales service. There are many here-today-gone-tomorrow outfits and you need to avoid such operators. Ask them if they are an authorized retailer of the brand you want to buy. Also, when buying online, look for companies that give their phone number on their website; if there's no number, how will you contact them in the future. It's a good idea to ring the customer service number before you buy just to check out that they actually do pick up.

5. Check the money back guarantee

You should find out the retailer's policy before you buy. Watch out for hidden charges, such as transport and 're-stocking fees' and find out if there are circumstances where the retailer won't accept a return; for instance, what's the policy of the retailer if the chair is too big to get through the door?

The above 5 tips are the most important points when buying a robotic massage chair. There are also other considerations but these are of secondary importance. Never, ever be afraid to ask the retailer a ton of questions before you buy; if they don't answer each and every question you have, then go and buy from someone else.

Follow the links for a robotic massage chair like the OSIM massage chair or a shiatsu massage chair from Fujikura, Sanyo, Inada and others.

Source: www.articlesbase.com