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Nautilus NE 2000 Elliptical Reviews

There are so many different types, brands, and models in the fitness machine world today that a consumer in the market for one can become really confused on what to purchase and who from.

The Nautilus NE 2000 Elliptical Reviews detail some of the highlights as well as the downfalls of this machine in the consumer's own words. It is highly recommended to go online and read some of these consumer reviews if you are in the market to purchase a fitness machine of any type.

The Nautilus NE 2000 Elliptical reviews say many positives things about the machine. There are several types and brand names of Elliptical training equipment, but the Nautilus NE 2000 Elliptical Trainer is by far one of the most popular among fitness gurus. It is built to last and higher in quality that some of the less expensive machines. Some of the features that come equipped with the Nautilus NE 2000 Elliptical Machines are the wireless heart rate control, adjustable handlebars with the touch heart rate monitor attached to them, and 10 workout programs. It also comes with a 1-year warranty on parts and labor and an astounding 30-year warranty on the frame.

In researching the Nautilus NE 2000 Elliptical Reviews, more positive findings were mentioned than negatives. However, the one negative opinion that was frequently read in the reviews was that consumers felt like it was too pricey. The overall consumer opinion was that the machine is high quality with smooth, gentle motion that provided a low impact workout.

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