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Tape is a general term used to define a long, narrow, flexible piece of material, which may be cloth, paper, metal or plastic. Tape can differ in size, type, category, and application. The term varies very widely in its usage. If you hear someone say, ""I need some tape,"" you know they are talking about sticky stuff. But if someone says that he got something ""on tape"" it means he recorded it to audio or video.

Tapes are classified into two on the basis of adhesiveness- adhesive and non-adhesive. Adhesive tapes are commonly used for joining or holding things together, either temporarily or permanently. Single-sided adhesive tape has adhesive material on one side and helps to stick together two adjacent or overlapping materials. Double-sided tape, on the other hand, has adhesive material on both sides and is used to join items back to back. Adhesive tapes include transparent (sticky), Gaffer, duct, masking, packing, electrical, and surgical tapes. Non-adhesive tapes do not have adhesive.

Barrier, tie, and reflective tapes are some of the non-adhesive tapes. There are also measuring tapes, as well as videotape as well as cassette tape.

In general, however, tape is used to stick various materials together, depending on the type. Tape varies in width and length and is available in a variety of color combinations. It is possible to secure, strengthen, fasten, or wrap with the help of the tape. If you are working on a project or just need to bind things together in a more-or-less temporary fashion, use tape.

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