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High Fiber Low Carb Foods - Things You Should Know

Everyone knows that eating any food with especially high carbohydrate content is bad for the body. Carbohydrates not only make it easier for you to get fat, but it also makes you more vulnerable to many illnesses like diabetes to say the least. But what is fiber, and why is it important to us?

Fiber is a substance that's very hard to digest, and that's why consuming a small amount of fiber allows you to feel full for a considerable period of time. But that's not the lone benefit of fiber, especially when it's eaten together with foods that have carbs in it.

High fiber low carb foods are a great match because the fiber content reduces the negative impact of the carbohydrate content of your diet. It's unhealthy to completely get rid of carbohydrates in your diet. With high fiber low carb foods, you still get a complete meal but with less negative side effects.

High fiber low carb foods also help regulate your bowel movement. This is definitely a blessing for people with extremely hectic schedules and unable to eat properly and at the right time. With high fiber low carb foods, there's less chances for you to suffer the embarrassment of having to excuse yourself from a meeting because of an emergency call of nature.

High fiber low carb foods consumed for the day should have fiber content of no more than 40g but no less than 25g. Anything lower or beyond this range will mean that you're not maximizing on your diet. If you're serious about losing weight and getting healthy with this type of diet then be serious and act like it! The weight loss process is still essentially scientific so you need to make sure you've got the correct amount of fiber intake each day.

Make sure that the high fiber low carb foods you're eating for the day doesn't contain 100% insoluble fiber because this is bad for your bowel movement and overall health. Your daily intake should contain anything between twenty to thirty percent of soluble fiber.

If you're not used to eating high fiber low carb foods all the time, make sure that you increase your intake gradually.

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