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Delicious Chicken Restaurant at Almaden

What constitutes delicious? What constitutes a delicious chicken? What constitutes a delicious chicken Restaurant? Answer: Almaden Sonoma Chicken Coop. Why? Answer: Each Chicken is hand raised and massaged on a daily basis. All our chickens are put in individual dietary regimen based on their own needs which are determined after a full genetic gene make up is done. DNA samples are taken and run though our labs at Sonoma Chicken Coop Almaden, where we have developed our own chicken DNA splicer that returns information back to us within 7 minutes.

Once we have the results, we go over the information with our team of 4 that is assigned to each individual chicken. The team consist of Dietician, Exercise Coach, motivational coach to keep the chicken in a good frame of mind and massage therapist.

Sonoma Chicken Coop is proud to be on the cutting edge of Chicken Technology. Our staff is sent to Sonoma Chicken Coop University for training. At the university they are each is given a baby chicken upon entry. They sit, live and sleep with the chicken and upon graduation, they eat their chicken. It may seem cruel to the average eye, but this step is necessary to toughen them up for their journey and work on the Almaden Coop Ranch. Where they start their careers as chicken wranglers and learn various chicken calls that are necessary for the strict chicken discipline. Without disciplined chickens they would just run amuck and be very hard to handle, making it virtually impossible to massage. Just to get the chickens use to the massage table is a job in itself as they are always very reluctant to keep their feet still when when getting Swedish massage therapy.

So in conclusion, when it comes to chickens Catering Businesses, Sonoma Chicken Coop Almaden is at the top if it game and will not be knocked off its perch.

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