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Fiber Optic Lights in Your Prom Updo

The newest sensation sweeping proms around the nation! Fiber optic lights in your hair that sparkle like a rock star. What am I talking about? This is a new product called Glowbys. These are hair barrettes with small batteries and fiber optic lights. These lights will glisten in your hair at your next dance or party as the darker the room and your hair, then the more sparkle you get.

But will it work with blonde hair? Of course. The fiber optic lights are so bright, they make blonde hair sparkle. I guess the only place they wouldn’t work well would be in direct sunlight.

Fiber optics are like a plastic wire with the light source at one end. Then, you can trim this plastic to the length you need. Only the ends of the plastic are illuminated. The light follows the curve of the fiber optics no matter which way it twists or turns. That’s why the fiber optics can easily be sculpted into your updo or hairstyle with your hair. Its not like you are wearing lights, its like your hair is sparkling with tiny diamonds. It has amazing results and attracts attention from everyone, not just your date.

The glowby lights are attached by a barrette and can be worn under your hair so just the lights illuminate or there is a decorated version to wear like a regular barrette. They can be used over and over and if the batteries go out, simply replace them and you are sparkling again. They come in all colors to accent your dress or hair color. Diamond white, electric blue, deep violet, bright pink, ruby red, orange and yellow. You can also get a short one at 10” or the long one at 15” in length.

How much are they and where do I get them and what do they look like? They are inexpensive at around $13. I don’t sell them. I just wanted to make you guys aware of what is out there and this is a fun updo idea for prom.

You’ll be amazed at the attention you’ll receive from other guys and jealous un-glowby adorned females. Make your prom a hit and let your updo shine with these innovative lights.

Stuart Simpson
Pictures of hair with the glowbys and a link to where to buy on my site http://www.formal-tuxedo.com

Source: www.a1articles.com