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My Film School Experience

Iím going to tell you a bit about my film school experience. Attending film school was a great experience for me. Some people were telling me "If you want to learn film then just do it," but I now disagree. Although it is a bit expensive, it was very valuable as I learned a lot. Itís good to know all the techniques and forms of the film making process. For that, film school was a great experience. I went to Vancouver Film School were they have a one year intensive program. Itís like having 4 years combined into one. The film making learning process was therefore very intense.

When in film school, we focused on all sorts of different subjects. At one moment I was focusing on sound and listening to all the levels and pitches. Then I had to pay attention to lights and shadows and types of bulbs. At another time I would work on the script and focus on the characters and how to tell a story. When editing I would have to take care of beats, timing, rhythm, and transitions.

What was great was the group of classmates I constantly studied with. I made a lot of contacts, from all over the world. Everyone had a different style and approach to life. After a year in film school, I felt a lot more experienced and that I knew what I was doing and could help others with their stuff.

After I graduated, I felt a bit like I was released in an empty world. Now the film school I went to has connections within the industry which will help you get started. Itís more commercial stuff than I like, but itís good to have something when you get out of film school.

There are other ways to learn what you would learn in a film school. However, I think it is best to immerse yourself completely and learn with other people.

Sebastien attended film school a few years ago and now works professionally as a film maker. He has experience in audio engineering, editing, script writing...

He contributes regularly to a film making website. Learn more there!

Source: www.isnare.com