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Download Free PSP Video - Simple How To

If you are looking for the fastest and easiest way to download free PSP video then read on, because, hopefully, this article is going to solve your problem by providing a simple yet effective solution.

It is easy to download PSP video but you need to know how to set your PSP up for this first. So follow these instructions and you will be able to download PSP videos. It is very important that you have lot's of space on your PSP, so you need a big memory card, 512MB, 1024MB preferably.

In order to download PSP videos for free you need to switch your PSP off, then connect the USB cable with your PC, after switch your PSP on. On the PSP access - Settings > USB connection. Press 'X' button to boot PSP on your computer, it will appear as an untitled volume on your desktop.

Inside the card you should see a folder named 'PSP', which consists of 4 sub folders: 'Music', 'Games', 'SavedData' and 'Photo'. You need to add a new folder and name it 'MP_ROOT' and it must be in the same level as the 'PSP' folder. Under the 'MP_ROOT' folder a sub folder must be added and named as '100MNV01' - this is where you can download free PSP video and watch it.

Now, the question is where do I download PSP video for free which is proper for the PSP and can be played on it? Well, the answer is very simple you can do it in two ways. One, you can convert your own DVD movies into PSP format and transfer them but you will need a PSP video converter. Two, you can join a PSP download service and download PSP videos in seconds, plus they usually offer a free video converter for new members, so it's always a better choice than purchasing a video converter only.

It is very safe and fast to download PSP video for free with PSP download services and it is completely legal, but not all of them are legit and reliable, so before you join anything you should a read a review. I hope this article showed you how to download free PSP video and you won't have any problems with that.

Walter Seth is a PSP expert and he loves to download movies, games and other stuff on his PSP. Download free PSP video with PSPBlender! Click here to read a review.

Source: www.articledashboard.com